Intuition Ale – The Underdark


Well I’ve finally gotten around to posting all of the awesomness that is the Underdark! Intuition Ale released their limited edition Underdark bottles recently, and I had the wonderful privilege to design it. In addition to the bottle I designed accompanying poster, T-Shirt as well as a snifter.

The design behind the Underdark comes from Intuitions owner, Ben Davis’ love for D&D. For those of you unfamiliar with a 20 sided dice, D&D is Dungions & Dragons  a role playing game of epic proportions and the Underdark is an underground region within the game. Having rolled a few dice in my day Ban and I hit it off with our conversation on design ideas and what he would like to see. After a few initial sketches, the Mind Flayer look was chosen and I really wanted the bottle to stand out against other beers on a shelf so I incorporated the lime green. As the Underdark is aged in burbon, the lime wax is a nod to this and the lime color acts as a highlight throughout the designs.

In addition to art duties I also got to flex my creative writing chops and wrote the description of the Underdark.

This was an amazing project to work on and the beer tastes awesome as well.



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